Week of March 13th

Hope you had a chance to get outside this weekend!! We have a full week ahead. Here are some dates to remember:
**Friday, March 17 – Free Dress: St Patrick’s Day!๐Ÿ€
**Friday, March 17 – Stem Reporters – Emma Claire & Izaiah
**Friday, March 31 – Book in a Can Book Report due

Thanks to those of you who signed up to drive to Sabino Canyon. There is a chance we may need to consolidate and take fewer cars, but I would still like all adults who signed up, to go. I’ll keep you posted!

Students will have a fractions math test tomorrow and then we will begin a Measurement Unit on Tuesday. In Language Arts we will continue to work on poetry, begin learning how to write a “research paper” on a desert animal, and read, read, read! We will also begin our Plants and Animals Unit in Science.

I continue to encourage students to work on memorizing their addition and subtraction math facts. Students may use any method to show they have mastered their math facts: the xtra math iPad app, paper and pencil tests, or an oral test with me using flash cards. It is expected that incoming 3rd graders have their addition and subtraction math facts memorized. If you did not see any math fact sheets in your child’s Friday Folder this week, that means that he/she has “mastered” subtraction. I’ve told the kids this is important and requires studying. Just as memorizing spelling words takes time and effort on their part, so does working with math facts. It won’t happen without practice and perseverance.

Tyler has a bike race in town this weekend AND it’s his birthday, so I won’t be at school on Friday.

How about those WILDCATS!!!!!!!

Week of February 27

I hope you had a wonderful Rodeo Break!!! As we head back to school on Monday, here are a couple items of note:

**Tuesday, February 28 โ€“ Free Pancake Lunch for all students

**Friday, March 3 โ€“ Colton & Dash โ€“ STEM Reporters

**Friday, March 3 โ€“ Casa Maria โ€“ Each 2nd grader should bring 1 dozen hard boiled,ย peeled eggs.

I look forward to seeing everyone this week!

Week of February 13

Our final week before Rodeo Break AND the final week of the 2nd trimester! There is a lot going on, so be sure to note these dates on your calendar.

**Monday, February 13th – Edible Car Contest, Student Center 8:00am
**Tuesday, February 14th – Relaxed Dress with a “Valentine’s Theme”, wear red, white, pink, purple, etc
**Tuesday, February 14th – Valentine Exchange
**Thursday, February 16th – STEaM Night, 5:30 – 7:30pm
**Friday, February 17th – Stem Current Event Reporters – Caitlin & Carl

I was also asked by administration to remind parents that school contracts are due this Wednesday,

Although I will remind you as the date(s) near, for planning purposes, 2nd grade’s month for Casa Maria eggs is March. This means that each student should bring 12 hard boiled, peeled eggs on March 3rd. Also, we will be asking for drivers for a field trip on Tuesday March 21st. We are limited to 5 cars per class due to parking.

I would like to stress the importance of math addition/subtraction fact memorization. There are still a number of students who are using the number line either to add or subtract, and I would love to see all students have these facts in their “toolbox” by the end of the year. The kids and I have repeatedly discussed that this skill takes practice, and I am for any and all methods that students choose to use to become proficient.

We talk a lot about perseverance in class and this is such a crucial trait that you and I can work together to develop and encourage in your child. Asking questions such as “How can you solve this problem?” and/or letting your student solve problems on their own will help them become independent learners and problem solvers.

Thanks for all your help at home!!! I look forward to seeing you this week.

Week of January 30th

As we head into February, here are some dates and items of note:

Wednesday, February 1st – Noon Dismissal
Friday, February, 3rd – Field Trip, “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown” (Buses will take us) ย  Official ย  ย  St Michael’s uniform: red top and khaki bottoms
Friday, February, 3rd – STEaM Reporters – Sophia, Zane & Zoe

While still a few weeks away, we will have a Valentine Card exchange on Tuesday, February, 14th. Students are not required to exchange Valentines but we ask that if students bring a Valentine for one, they bring one for all just so there aren’t hurt feelings or students who are left out. There are 33 students total in 2nd grade. I will send home a list of names in the Friday Folder this week.

I am hoping that after our trip to the library tomorrow, all kids will have books for their final Book Report. Genre is their choice, books must be a minimum of 100 pages, and the report is due no later than March 31. Students will have plenty of time to read their book and work on this project. The kids and I have talked about time management and not waiting until the last minute to start working on the report. I distributed instructions and rubric last week, and should be in their homework folders. I have samples of this report in the classroom and the kids should have a thorough understanding of what the project entails. The best way to help your student become an independent learner is to allow them to work on, and complete projects as independently as possible. ๐Ÿ™‚

We are currently working on a Science Fair project and our question is: Does our sense of smell affect our sense of taste? We “tested” each other last Friday using Skittles, and will collect more data this week as we test both third grade classes.

Week of January 23rd

As one usually does at the beginning of a new year, I have spent some time reflecting on our journey so far. These kids have come so far, and although we still have a lot of work to do, I have seen so much growth in all areas. Continue to encourage your son/daughter to read as much as possible, and work on those math facts!

Next week I will be asking kids to look for a book for their final book report. This book must be a chapter book they have not previously read (or have already started reading), and should be a minimum of 100 pages. Students will have plenty of time to read their books. Genre is their choice.

We continue to work on our science unit “Air & Weather”. The “big idea” we talked about this week was that “air takes up space”. Next week we will use water to also demonstrate that “air takes up space”.

Sam & Silvana are the STEM reporters for Friday, January 27th. We also have a “relaxed dress” day Friday, January 27th.

The kids took their Math-a-thon “test” today and it is in their Friday Green Folder. The Math-a-thon committee asks that all pledges/donations be collected and brought to school no later than January 27th in order to be eligible for prizes.

Enjoy the long weekend!

Dear 2B Parents,

Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me during Parent/Teacher Conference week. ย This class has made tremendous progress in all areas since the beginning of the year, and I thank you for all your continued support at home.

Have a great long weekend and I look forward to seeing all of you next week.

PS: Spelling words for next week are posted.



A wonderful St. Nicholas Day Program!!

What a spectacular St. Nicholas Day Program! I posted some cute pictures on the class blog. The kids were great and I hope you enjoyed it!

The lower school holiday giving project this year is a diaper drive for needy families. If your family would like to donate diapers, please send them to class and we will deliver before Christmas.

Don’t forget that this Wednesday is a half day with a noon dismissal.

Our STEM Science Reporters for this week are Colton and Dash. We were super busy last Friday, so Carl will report this week as well.

Book Reports due no later than Tuesday, December 20th. The Book Reports presented so far have been fantastic!

I included information about the Second Grade Mug Exchange in the Friday Folder. If you have any questions, please ask.

We will continue to work with multiplication and division patterns this week, still focusing on the idea that multiplication is repeated addition/skip counting. I am still seeing students using a number line to add/subtract. I highly encourage students to work on memorizing addition and subtraction facts using the method that works best for them including but not limited to computer apps, flashcards, math games, etc.

Language Arts will include brainstorming story elements and writing a fairy tale. I am seeing more chapter books being read, rather than picture books, and this is great! At this age, reading levels vary so much so it is important to be sure that your child is picking books at his/her reading level. If books are too easy, kids generally get bored, while if too challenging, they get frustrated. Sometimes finding a series or character they enjoy is a win-win!

As always, please stop by or email me if you have any questions or comments.

I look forward to seeing you this week!

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Week of November 7th

Hope you all had a great weekend. I am definitely enjoying this cooler weather! As we head into the next 6.5 weeks, there is so much going on and I will do my absolute best to keep you updated on everything that is going on.

  • Canned Food drive begins this week! Second grade will vote on a building this week, and we will attempt to match the height in meters with cans and/or cash collected.
  • Holiday Card orders are due Tuesday (for 11/16 delivery)
  • Sophia, Zane, and Zoe are our STEM Reporters this week and will present on Thursday, November 10th
  • No school Friday, November 11th

Our math focus this week will switch to division with the “big idea” being that division is simply dividing a group into smaller groups of equal numbers. I highly encourage students to continue to work on memorizing their addition and subtraction facts. Students should understand the concept that multiplication is repeated addition and division is repeated subtraction, and if they are still using a number line or fingers for each and every computation, this will lead to errors and frustration on their part.

Instructions for the Biography Book Report were sent home Friday, and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. There are times throughout the week when we have silent reading time in our classroom. Students are expected to have a chapter book (that reflects their reading ability) at school each day. This book can be one they have checked out from the library, borrowed from the class library, or brought from home. Students should also remember to log books read in their 100 Club Folder.

We’ve almost completed our Election Unit, just in time for the big day. I have been impressed by the insightful comments and questions posed by these young citizens.

Have a great week!